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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

It’s not unusual for teeth to become discoloured over time. Teeth whitening is an easy and convenient way to transform your smile. This treatment is a perfect example of minimal effort with great results.

We offer the most advanced, safe and affordable options for teeth whitening and can provide guidance and advise to achieve the best results.

What does tooth whitening involve?

The dental team will put a rubber shield or a gel on your gums to protect them. They will then apply the whitening product to your teeth, using a specially made tray which fits into your mouth like a mouthguard.

Does tooth whitening affect fillings, veneers or crowns?

Tooth whitening does not affect other dental treatments like fillings, veneers and crowns. However, it may interfere with the longevity of other treatments, and therefore its best to ask your local dentist for more information.