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Childrens Services

Childrens Services

As dental professional’s Preventative dental care is highly encouraged with our patients, within this we believe that it is paramount for children to visit the dental practice from an early age. Having regular check-ups from a young age enables them to prevent themselves from any untreated dental decay. Our team of dentists provide excellent service for preventative treatments ensuring your children’s oral hygiene is healthy. There are a number of ways to keep children free from decay; the treatments that are provided in our dental practice are listed below. Recent studies have shown that the younger you bring the child in to a dental practice to have a regular check-up the more likely they are to have a positive experience and within our dental practice we ensure that all patients have a very happy and comfortable experience whilst being provided with the best possible service for their teeth.

 Fluoride applications

This is a safe and very effective way to protect your childs teeth from developing any decay. The way this process works is that the fluoride varnish, which is a very pale yellow gel is painted on to the surface of the childs teeth with a soft brush, this will set very quickly and helps to mineralise the teeth. This will give great protection to the teeth and protect against decay when used in addition to the child regularly brushing

Fissure sealents

This is another safe and effective treatment, fissure sealants are a painless and safe way of protecting a childs teeth from any decay in compliance with brushing regularly. It is a coating of plastic which covers the surfaces of the back of the teeth. This acts as a hard shield which protects the tooth from any bacteria or food from getting in to the tiny grooves in the teeth, as most of the decay in children occurs in the back teeth.

Orthodontic treatment (braces)

Currently we do not offer this treatment in our dental practice however this orthodontic treatment is available at our other practice. Once we complete a dental check up on your child, if your child requires braces they will then be referred to our other dental practice which is located in Market Harborough. They aim to provide the same excellent service that we have here at Wellingborough Dental.